• "CV's sent quicker than other recruitment to recruitment companies and it wasn't the usual hit and miss efforts, candidates supplied were spot on and ended up taking on multiple candidates." Michael, Director, IT Recruitment Company

  • "I've known Adam since he was a Divisional Manager at a previous agency. I loved his level of service then and I love it even more now. He found me a team leader position and I have never looked back!" Elizabeth Taylor, Candidate

  • "I have used Right Step for a number of months now following the lack of submissions from other Rec2Rec's! I can say that their level of service is second to none. Adam in particular has always been spot on!" Darren, MD, Social Work Recruitment Company

  • "I came across Right Step through a recommendation, I can see why there are so good at what they do. Found me the perfect Senior Management position, thanks Harris!" Joe Saunders, Candidate

  • "Really happy I was placed through Right Step. Very helpful team and have recommended to my colleagues." Michelle Hollins, Candidate

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