• Submit CV

    Stage 1: Submit your CV by registering your interest with Right Step Recruitment.

  • Discuss Opportunities

    Stage 2: Speak to one of our consultants who will listen to your career aspirations and talk you through how to reach there.

  • Interview Stage

    Stage 3: We work closely with you to ensure you nail your interview.

  • Get The Job

    Stage 4: Here's where the real work begins.. We help you transition into your new role.

  • The Alumni

    Stage 5: You will be assigned a private consultant who will assist you in achieving your goals and aspirations. We offer support and training around various skills e.g. sales, negotiations & next generation resourcing.

Finding a job is not an easy process and it isn’t always as it used to be. Despite the fact that getting a job isn’t always easy, at every stage of your career you will always need right people to put you through when searching for jobs.

Finding someone to guide you through your job search will definitely make the difference when it comes to finding the right role.

When companies get in touch with us that they have a role(s) to offer, what we do is to look out for our current database to find candidate that can match their offer, if we don’t have any match, we then post the job online to look out for applicants that have the right skills needed by the company.

You can join us by signing up and submitting your CV with us ahead so we have your database, with your database; you are always on our priority list when we have offers you can handle. Immediately we have offers in your field which you can handle, we contact you immediately.

We serve as a middle man between you and your potential employer (recruiter), we will help with your interview preparation, and we will give you tips on what you should expect at the interview.

With the good relationship we have with top employers, you have an edge and also an exclusive access to the job. With Right Step Recruitment agency you also have put forward for positions you wouldn’t have thought or heard about.

We will also offer you CV and cover letter advice; our experts board of directors and senior officers will give you interview coaching and specialist advice on the field you are choosing.

Finally, constructive feedback from each employer or company will be sent to you.

CV Tailoring: We work with you in making sure your CV says the right things about you to catch your hiring managers attention.

Interview Preparation: Once we have landed you that all important interview, we will help you prepare and deliver. It is important to know exactly how to highlight your strengths and provide examples from previous experiences. We discuss mainstream body language techniques to intricate psychological processes such as Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

We Offer Full 720 Support. Yes, you read that right! We offer way beyond 360 support as we are with you every step of the way from tailoring your CV to post placement training. We have regular catch up calls and offer trouble-shooting support to ensure you are able to start on your front foot.

Right Step Alumni: Each & every one of our candidates has exclusive access to our private alumni, whereby advanced strategies are discussed from how to increase billings, win new business & rise to the top of your company.

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